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My Intererst in Flight

Sport Pilots Certificate -

New FAA regulations have created a "Sport Pilot" category for pilots. This category was created specifically for individuals wishing to fly aircraft primarially for recreational purposes. A sport pilot may only operate an aircraft during daylight hours, so at a later date I may wish to complete a private pilot certification so that I can fly at night. However, at this point I have found an individual locally who is a certified flight instructor and who is willing to teach me to fly.

Kit Planes -

Once I've completed my sport pilot certification, I will need a plane to fly. So, I've been researching some available planes. The one that has really caught my attention is the Zodiac XL from Zenith Air. The Zodiac XL is a kit plane and most customers find that it takes about 400 hours to build the airframe.

At this point, I am focusing on getting my sport pilot's license. I may purchase the rudder kit and build that to make sure that I really enjoy building this plane. Keep your eyes on this space to find regular updates on my progress in this endeavor.

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