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Graduate School Projects

Email Gateway -

The purpose of this project was to create an email gateway to handle all incoming and outgoing email from Clarkson's campus. This gateway sits between the Internet and Clarkson's internal mail system and runs anti-virus and anti-spam measures against all SMTP messages that it receives.

The hardware for this project consists of an IBM xSeries 345 with dual hyperthreaded 3.2GHz Xeon processors (four logical processors), 2GB of RAM and two 36GB Ultra-360 SCSI disks in Raid 0. The software running on this box consists of a patched qmail (MTA), spamassassin (anti-spam), uvscan (anti-virus) and a collection of custom scripts to prevent blatant spam attacks.

When fully operational this box handles upwards of 100,000 messages per day and contains approximately 13,000 messages in its queue. The majority of these queued messages are bounces generated as the result of undeliverable mail.

HPC Cluster -

The purpose of this project was to create a computational cluster to be used by the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering faculty and select graduate students.

The hardware for this project consists of:

  • (1) IBM xSeries 345 with dual hyperthreaded 2.8GHz Xeon processors (four logical processors), 2.5GB of RAM and two 36GB Ultra-360 SCSI disks in Raid 0. This box serves as the management node.
  • (2) IBM 1350 Blade Centers fully populated with 14 blades each. Each blade contains two hyperthreaded 2.8GHz Xeon processors, 2.5GB of RAM and a 40GB laptop hard drive.
  • The blades and the management node are connected with each other using both gigabit ethernet and Myrinet (a high-speed low-latency fiber optic connection).

Each node runs a version of SuSE Linux Professional Edition Version 9.1 and IBM's cluster services manager.

Streaming MP3 Server -

The purpose of this project was to create a server to offer streaming MP3 audio of Clarkson men's hockey games to the global Internet. The hardware for this project consisted of:

  • (1) An encoding workstation. This box had a TV tuner card installed in it and pulled audio from channel 96, encoded it into MP3 format and relayed it to the main server. This box runs Windows XP Pro.
  • (2) A main server. This box receives audio in MP3 format from the encoding workstation and forwards it to all of the clients which have requested the stream. This box runs RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 Advanced Server.

All of this was accomplished using Nullsoft's Shoutcast software.

Document Management System -

The purpose of this project was to provide an on-campus group with a method for doing version control and "checkout" functionality for a large electronic document library. This software runs on Clarkson's webserver and provides access to documents stored within Clarkson's AFS filespace.

The software used for this project is a heavily modified version of AnyPortal(php). Modifications include support for multi-user support, user authentication via pop3 and the ability to check-in/check-out files.

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