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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Good Time Was Had By All

This weekend we saw Becky's family for a big family dinner on Sunday. Lots of folks were there and there was LOTS of good food. Becky's brother, Greg, and I spent a little while digging through the depths of the barn. We found lots of cool old stuff: wooden crates for tank ammunition, lots of Lionel train bits and some 15 year-old hard cider. The bottles of cider were still sealed, so we brought a few bottles home with us to try later. I wonder if it'll be any good...well aged cider can't be too bad. :)

Becky's cousin Cori was running around and pretending to be a cat for most of the day, which made for some fun pictures. Here she is being silly:

We were back home by 9 o'clock. Which is good, because I'm on-call for rescue squad tonight. Tomorrow will be a busy day at work, so hopefully it is a quiet night.

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