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Monday, March 21, 2005

Wines, Friends and Family

This weekend was my first experience with wine tasting. I drove down to Elmira on Saturday and met up with Becky and a bunch of her friends from EC. We then headed up the east side of the lake, hitting up several wineries. It was fun (and sort of strange for me)... It seems like every winery that we went to, I either knew the owners or somebody working there. First it was Catharine Valley Winery (which is owned by one of my high school friend's parents). Then it was the Red Newt (where I saw several folks from high school). After that it was Hazlitt's winery (which is operated by a friend's parent). Follow that up with the extra sketchy Rasta Ranch (where I spotted a very drunk friend's mother). Then we ran into Bethanne at Logan Ridge (where I found a couple of bottles of great desert wines). Then lastly we went to some uber-expensive place. All in all, it was a very fun time. I think next time we'll definitely have to hit up Bully Hill.
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