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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Made an Offer (They Can't Refuse?)

I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation. I pace. I fidget. I cannot wait to hear how the seller reacts to my purchase offer. It went in this morning. One of the conditions of the offer was that they respond to me (either affirmative, negative or with a counter-offer) by end of business on Monday. So, I can't immagine that I will be very productive at work, but then again some days are like that.

So, if they accept my offer straight off I will worry that I offered too much. But then by the same token, if we negotiate too much then I'm afraid that I will go too high. I guess its all a balance.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Home Loan

Well, I went to the bank today and they pre-approved me at an awesome interest rate. That means that all that remains is for me to put an offer in on the house, for them to accept the offer, and then for the state to process my loan (that could take up to three months). I hope that everything goes smoothly.

If you'd like to see the house that I'm looking at, check it out here. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. :)

Monday, January 24, 2005

House Hunting, Family Time and Other Fun Stuff...

This weekend was a fantastic time. Becky was here to greet me after work on Friday. We went out to dinner and a movie before collapsing for the evening. A bit of advice about "The Aviator": its not necessarially a movie about flying. It is a movie that is more about Howard Hughes and his mental issues than it is about his piloting abilities. A little disappointing, but overall not bad.

My family showed up on Saturday afternoon and we looked at a pair of houses that I'm thinking about buying. Its difficult to make the decision between the two of them. One is less expensive, but needs a bit of work. Either way, I'm not so sure about coming up with a down payment in time to buy the house. I will have to see how things play out after this next round of bills.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. I really enjoyed seeing my family again and I had a fantastic time with Becky. I really like the way things have been going with us lately. I was a little worried about her getting home safely (considering the big snow storm that we had this weekend), but I got a call around noon letting me know that she got home all safe and sound. Yay!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

My First Time Too

Well, this will be my new blog. How exciting. I spent the better part of the day today cleaning up my apartment for this weekend. Now it's all spick-n-span. The laundry is all done. The dishes are in a different pile (on the other side of the sink). The bathroom has been cleaned for the first time in ages.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Hurry here.
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